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Total Reporting provides all the necessary tools for a comprehensive and totally compliant screening program.

  • Criminal Records
  • Compliance Services
  • Driving Records
  • Substance Abuse Screening
  • Global Solutions
  • Referencing & Credentialing
  • Medical Review Services
  • Coach/Volunteer/Non-Profit Screening
  • Sharing Economy
  • Tenant Screening

Comprehensive & Global Employee Screening Service

Hiring can be a difficult process. Most of the time, you have no idea who you’re dealing with or where they come from. Resumes won’t give you the information you need, and interviews can be misleading. Make hiring decisions with the correct information with Total Reporting. We provide everything you need for a fully FCRA-compliant screening program so that you can minimize risk. Our comprehensive employee screening service includes criminal background checks, drug testing services, credit checks, reference and credential checks, and more. The software integrates with ADP, Oracle, MyHRDesk, and many other ATS suites. Best of all, it’s super simple to use. All you need to do is create an account, request a screening, and send a link to the applicant. We handle the rest! Your results will be back fast! It really is that easy! Want to try it out? Schedule a free, no-obligation demo, and we’ll show you exactly how it works. There are no setup fees, cancellation fees, or monthly retainers, so there’s no risk in trying us out. You only pay for the screenings you use. Ready to get started? Schedule a demo by filling out the form below!

Our Background Check & Screening Services


Background Checks

Getting a background check from Total Reporting is easy. Simply request a background check, send a link to the applicant, and you will typically receive your results in one day.


Drug Testing

Getting a drug test for an applicant has never been easier. Our service allows you to pre-schedule an applicant for a drug test at the same time as you order the background check.


DOT Consortium

Our DOT Consortium Management services help your organization maintain and manage your DOT workers for immediate compliance.


Tenant Screening

Don’t risk renting your property to a bad tenant. Our services help landlords like you screen out potentially troublesome tenants and reduce the risk of eviction.

How it Works – Employment Screening with Total Reporting

Create an Account

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and you’re ready to start screening.

Request a Screening

Choose background checks, DOT drug testing, or both, and with an email and/or text, send a link to your applicant.

See the Results

We will provide collection sites near the applicant, schedule the collection, process the tests, then send you the results. It’s that easy.

Easily Integrate With Any ATS

Easily Integrate with Any ATS

Order tests directly from your existing platform

Check applicant status and results in one place

Drug Tests, Background Checks, MVR, & More!

FAQs about Employee Screening Services

What shows up on an employment screening?

Our FCRA-compliant employee screening service provides complete criminal background checks from federal, state, and global databases. It also includes drug test results, credit checks, employment history, credentials, and driving records.

Why is the pre-employment screening process necessary?

While you might think you have a good candidate because their resume or cover letter looks good and their interview went well, they might have something to hide. A pre-employment screening process helps determine if the applicant you are considering is a risk to your organization. This process helps weed out people who might cause legal or operational problems later down the line.

How long will the screening check take?

You will get your applicant’s background check results back typically within one day of ordering. In most cases, the results come back the very same day. Custom or confirmatory screening services may take longer.

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Still not convinced? Schedule a free demo today and we will show how streamlining your screening needs with Total Reporting will minimize hiring risk and save your business thousands of dollars. There’s no setup fee, no cancellation fee, and no monthly or hidden fees of any kind. There is no risk to trying us out and seeing for yourself why smart managers are using Total Reporting.

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