Employment Background Check Services

FCRA complaint and customizable screening services to help you make the best hiring decisions.

Background Check Services Save You Time and Money


Employment background screening has never been this easy or effective. With API integrations and the ability for applicants to complete all forms digitally through our applicant entry tool, we take the heavy lifting out of hiring, leaving you with only the best candidates. Invest in your hiring process and see the difference in your business.


  • Employment Verification
  • Education & Degree Verification
  • Social Media Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • MVR Driving Record
  • County Criminal Record Check
  • State Criminal Record Check
  • State & Local Exchanges
  • Federal Criminal Search
  • Canadian Criminal Search
  • Custom International Searches
  • Credit Check
  • Tenant Screening Services

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Background Check Services Overview

Why Use Our Background Check Services?

Seamless Integration


Our screening software integrates with your current HR software or applicant tracking system.

Custom Packages


From volume discounts to custom screening services, we have the screening solution you need.

Same Day Turn Around


In most cases, you will receive a comprehensive background check report the same day it’s ordered.

24/7 Customer Service


Your time is valuable. Anytime, day or night, our team is available to assist you with whatever you need.

Thorough & Compliant


We check thousands of data sources on a local, state, and national level and are fully FCRA complaint.

Professionally Reviewed


Each record is manually QA reviewed by a real industry professional to ensure integrity and quality.

Employment Background Check Testimonials


“I love getting drug test and background check results on one platform. It is so convenient to be able to pre-order both at the same time, and to get text/email notifications on status. It’s awesome to know that a person is clear via a quick text without having to log onto the system. We typically need people right away, and this has made hiring quicker and allowed us to manage the on boarding process much better.”


– Maryam, HR Manager, IT Services


“It saves me so much time not having to enter applicant information manually, and it has made our background process much more efficient. The system also allows us to automatically pre-register the applicant for a drug test if the background check comes back clear. I can’t wait to check out other new features as they become available!”


– Katie, Staffing Manager


“FCRA compliance is serious (and confusing), and we needed to find a new option that could help keep us in line and educated. In addition to the quality control measures and professional review of every record, Total Reporting guaranteed complete accuracy and compliance. We have been VERY HAPPY with the change, and I can honestly say that anyone struggling with their current service provider should check out Total Reporting.”


– Brett, Automotive Dealer


“Total Reporting was so great about integrating with our ATS system. We needed to streamline our hiring process, but in my experience, tech integrations are t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Total Reporting’s tech team worked directly with our ATS provider and made the connection without much fuss, which was a total relief. “


– Janet, Contractor Services


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