How big is your industry

Screening is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry. The screening industry is fractured with screening companies offering anything from low-cost data dump searches to extremely over-priced searches with a lot of fluff. Total Reporting searches are a great value that offer relevant and accurate information at an affordable cost.

How does Total Reporting Compare to other screening companies?

Total Reporting stands apart from other screening companies because of our customer service. Our U.S based customer service paired with an easy to use platform makes screening services efficient and affordable for our clients.

How fast do I get my ROI?

ROI can be obtained within the first two years. This all depends on how hard the franchisee works and how quickly they sign up new clients.

How much is the Franchise Fee? Are their additional Start up costs?

The Total Reporting Franchise Fee is $30,000. The Franchise Fee Includes:

  • Access to our Custom Screening Platform
  • Customized Website
  • CRM
  • Training and Accommodations in Salt Lake City
  • Marketing- 2 Months PPC and On-going SEO Services
  • Support Team Personal Success Manager

Are there ongoing fees? How much?

Yes. We do have a $200 Monthly Technology fee to cover the cost of the CRM software. The CRM software is a valuable tool for our franchises to keep up on training, manage their sales process, engage with their clients, and keep up on any new updates in our industry.

Is there help with Marketing?

Yes. Total Reporting helps with online marketing and website rankings with google. We have ongoing SEO costs that are included with the Franchise fee. We also run two months of Pay-Per-Click advertising to jumpstart your business. After the two months are over, franchises are still encouraged to invest in online advertising through our provider to grow their client base faster.

How do I find clients?

The best way to find clients is to utilize your personal and professional networks to get your first clients. You’ll also want to talk to local business owners in your community whether it’s through a Chamber of commerce meeting or just through online networks. Social media presents a great opportunity to reach a wide audience. Platforms such as linkedin and facebook are great ways to meet potential clients. In addition to networking, online advertising such as PPC is a great way to drive traffic to your website with people who are actively seeking your services.

Do you assign geographical territories?

We don’t assign geographical Territories. Selling background checks and drug testing services means you’re selling data points and access to our collection site network. We don’t stack multiple franchises in one area, however our franchises are allowed to sell outside of their state. The chances of you running into another franchise’s client is small because our industry is so big. If this were to happen, the CRM will notify us that two franchises are working on the same client. We can check the logs and see who was working with the client first.

Do I process the background checks and collect the drug tests?

No. Our corporate offices process the background checks, process billing, and schedule all drug testing collections through our national network of over 4,000 collection sites.

Do I have to invoice? Collect bad Debt?

Total Reporting Corporate offices take care of all billing issues. If a client refuses is late with payment, we will collect the payment. Franchises will still be paid for what the clients run even if the client hasn’t paid yet.