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McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired and Goes Nuts

Nobody likes getting fired, but this employee got especially heated and crazy when he was let go. Some bystanders caught the whole crazy ordeal on camera and the video went viral. Could you imagine watching something like this go down at your workplace? Do you have any...

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Pizza Hut Driver Gets Hysterical, Ends In Arrest

I was working at Pizza Hut and one day our manager asked one of our drivers to put on his uniform shirt. The guy flips out and tries to set his shirt on fire in the middle of the Pizza Hut lobby while screaming about oppression. Then...

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FBI Fingerprinting may not keep you safe

Although many may think of the FBI's fingerprinting check system as being a "golden standard" for background checking, that really may not be the case. A NELP (National Employment Law Project) found that 50% of the records in FBI databases are missing disposition information. Not every...

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Public Transportation Safety Improvements Made

Attention all commercial bus and truck drivers, those who hire them, or anybody who uses public transportation! New protocols have been put in place requiring alcohol and drug testing for all commercial bus and truck drivers. Many are very excited about this change and the increase...

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They did WHAT?? Crazy Holiday Party Behavior

CNBC found a report of some of the most outrageous things #crazycoworkers have done at holiday parties. You won't believe #10! This list might make you feel a little better about what you or your date did at your holiday party this year...

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Serious Problems With Teacher Background Checks

Many schools are rushing to calm the public's fears after USA Today recently released an investigation they did concerning problems within state's background check system on teachers. There is good reason to worry too, with studies showing ten percent of students suffer some form of sexual abuse...

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Who is working at your haunted houses?

Haunted houses are one of the most highly anticipated parts of the Halloween season. Parents and kids alike get excited for their chance to have a real authentic scare experience. However, worrying about you or your children's safety should not be something you need to have...