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They did WHAT?? Crazy Holiday Party Behavior

CNBC found a report of some of the most outrageous things #crazycoworkers have done at holiday parties. You won't believe #10! This list might make you feel a little better about what you or your date did at your holiday party this year...

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Comment your own feelings/story about your #CrazyCoworkers below! [gallery ids="17329,17330,17324,17334,17327,17328,17332,17326,17335"]...

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6 Million Spent and Lost on Maine

Tighter gun control laws were just passed in California, Nevada and Washington state but Maine's initiative lost 52-48 percent. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety are who financed most of Maine's six million dollar campaign. Despite the loss, many...

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Serious Problems With Teacher Background Checks

Many schools are rushing to calm the public's fears after USA Today recently released an investigation they did concerning problems within state's background check system on teachers. There is good reason to worry too, with studies showing ten percent of students suffer some form of sexual abuse...

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Who is working at your haunted houses?

Haunted houses are one of the most highly anticipated parts of the Halloween season. Parents and kids alike get excited for their chance to have a real authentic scare experience. However, worrying about you or your children's safety should not be something you need to have...

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America’s Getting High Again

Drug test positivity rates are at the highest they've been in nearly a decade! Quest Diagnostics just came out with a report that has shown drug test rates have been steadily increasing over the past three years. Marijuana positives increased 47% since 2013 in oral fluid...

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Who is responsible for the Wells Fargo scam?

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf's involvement in the recent Wells Fargo scam was called into question last week before the Senate. Sen. Elizabeth Warren had some especially harsh words to say towards Stumpf, who she said has made millions of dollars off the scam. "You should...

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Getting Drunk On a Plane

    For pilots and the maintenance teams that work on commercial aircraft, random alcohol and drug testing is nothing new. These tests, which are the base of most major airlines’ risk management programs, look to ensure that those who handle and work around aircraft are always in...