New Platform Update Coming March 7th

New Platform Update Coming March 7th

New Platform Update Coming March 7th- 01 Mar

We are excited to announce our new navigation experience for how you use We have completely redesigned the look of our platform to give you all the benefits of a more modern and intuitive way to use the system, while keeping all the same functionality you had before so that there should be no impact to your daily processes. Most importantly though, this is a huge step in making our system—and the data of you and your applicants—more secure than ever.

In addition to the improving security and beautiful elegance of the new layout, it now adds the following functionality:

  • Allows you to easily see what pages are located under which sections, because everything is now visible within the navigation rather than having to click into an area first.
  • Makes it possible for you to get to the specific part of the site you want to with just one click.
  • Gives you a rolled-up status number for orders and reports.
  • Provides more room for your workspace and order screens by removing the side navigation.
  • Lays the foundation for building a fully mobile-responsive website as we convert more and more pages to be able to be used on any device size.


We are excited to share this change with you and your organization as we continue to strive to serve you better.

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