adverse action letter

Louisiana and New York

Compliance Updates for Louisiana and New York 24 Aug

Louisiana and New York made some legislative changes over the last few months regarding background checks. Let’s take a look at the laws Louisiana and New York have enacted to stay on top of these new regulations. Louisiana Law Updates- June 2021 Louisiana enacted legislation to prohibit employment...

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An investigative consumer report

What is an Investigative Consumer Report? 14 Apr

An Investigative Consumer Report (ICR) provides personal and professional reference verification. These verifications can delve into the realm of assessing an individual’s character. Here is an in-depth look at what an ICR is: (taken from an earlier post first published in 2016) The FCRA §603(e) defines an Investigative Consumer...

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Adverse Action Letters

Automate Your Adverse Action Letters!!(and keep the FCRA off your back) 24 Feb

Adverse action letters are a pain in the neck, but they represent a CRITICAL component of FCRA compliance.  Adverse action letters are time-consuming, thankless, and often done incorrectly…which puts your organization at significant risk.  When denying an applicant for employment or a volunteer for a...

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