background check

What Does an Employment Background Check Show?

What Does an Employment Background Check Show? 20 Dec

Employers are increasingly using background checks to assess potential job candidates. A background check is a process that looks into an individual's criminal, financial, and even personal history information. Hiring a new employee can be risky, so employers use background checks to evaluate applicants' qualifications. Read...

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Ban the Box

Ban the Box? 28 Oct

  Proper employment screening is the most effective way for companies to reduce their overall risk and liability. Background checks help ensure a quality hiring decision and save your company time and money.   The background check industry is facing significant challenges. Legislation, known as ban-the-box laws, prohibits...

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Louisiana and New York

Compliance Updates for Louisiana and New York 24 Aug

Louisiana and New York made some legislative changes over the last few months regarding background checks. Let’s take a look at the laws Louisiana and New York have enacted to stay on top of these new regulations. Louisiana Law Updates- June 2021 Louisiana enacted legislation to prohibit employment...

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