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What Is The Adverse Action Process - pre-adverse action notice, adverse action letter, employment withdrawal, denial, fair credit reporting act, FCRA, Total Reporting

What Is The Adverse Action Process? 24 Apr

What exactly is the Adverse Action process? Whenever a background check provided by a third-party (such as Total Reporting) is used to deny employment, cease an existing employment relationship, deny advancement, or in any way adversely affect the subject of the background check, the Adverse Action...

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Data Purging Reminder Total Reporting Background Checks and Drug Testing Blog

Data Purging Reminder 24 Mar

Dear Clients, This is a reminder that Total Reporting can host your reporting data for a maximum of 5 years. After that time frame, all data must be deleted from our system. This includes: -All information within our software and websites, this means that this information will no...

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