Maryland Man Meddles with Meatball and Gets Stabbed

Maryland Man Meddles with Meatball and Gets Stabbed- 18 Jan

There is a special place in hell for people who steal food from their co-workers. It’s happened to nearly all of us. After looking forward to lunch all morning, you finally have a break. Eagerly, you open the fridge only to find part of your meal is missing! Violent retaliation against the perpetrator may seem proper to avenge your loss.

At an office in Fallston, MD, an unidentified 31 year old employee reportedly attacked his good-for-nothing coworker by stabbing him in the arm after a meatball was stolen from his lunch. Although workplace violence is never okay, and should be treated criminally, lunch theft ought to be a crime punishable by death.

Rest assured that the stabber’s offense will appear on a criminal background check; however, the meatball marauder’s actions most likely will go unreported. It is advisable for the food fiend’s next employer to verify his employment history. Don’t hire an office refrigerator raider. Order employment verifications from Total Reporting.

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