Getting Drunk On a Plane

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Getting Drunk On a Plane- 12 Sep



For pilots and the maintenance teams that work on commercial aircraft, random alcohol and drug testing is nothing new. These tests, which are the base of most major airlines’ risk management programs, look to ensure that those who handle and work around aircraft are always in the best possible state of mind. And while there has been debate as to whether random drug and alcohol tests cut down on intoxication on the job, things seem to be working for the aviation industry.

Thanks to a regular program of random alcohol and drug testing, airlines have cut down on workplace substance abuse. As to be expected, pilots abide by a strict code when it comes to their alcohol usage. When reporting for duty, pilots and air traffic controllers are expected to have a blood-alcohol level of less than .04% and not have consumed alcohol for a full eight hours before their shift. This may seem a bit difficult, but airline’s regular testing programs have ensured that pilots abide by this standard as only 10 of 12,480 individuals tested in 2015 had blood alcohol levels over the .04% norm.

For an industry like aviation, it is in the best interest of companies to ensure that their pilots are abiding by drug and alcohol regulations. Commercial airlines are not the only ones to support random testings as the unions that represent pilots and maintenance crews have created programs that are designed to help its members “recognize behavioral issues and provide help, support, and intervention before a problem enters the work place.” The efforts of both the unions and airlines have ensured that pilots continue to operate according to the highest standards and keep our skies and airways safe for travel.

The strategies used by the aviation industry are easily transferable. There have been rumors that businesses that require operating heavy machinery or driving trucks are looking to mirror the practices of commercial airlines. If you find your business looking to mirror a similar standard, look no further! Total Reporting specializes in the alcohol and drug testing that will keep your business running smoothly. Check out our website or call us at 888-919-8378 today!


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