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Slacker Screening- 03 Feb

What makes Screening Source better?

Screening software today normally has one of two problems. Either it is an expensive platform that can be outdated or insecure, or it is a hardware driven process that locks clients into using their overpriced products that are bundled with the software you need.

Screening Source not only solves these problems, but dramatically reduces cost and effort. With Screening Source, your company will not only be more profitable, but it will be more fit to compete in an increasingly competitive and tech-focused world.

What are some of Screening Source’s benefits?

  • No software or hardware to purchase
  • Our user-friendly platform allows anyone to easily manage clients, results, vendors, compliance reports and consortiums
  • Full DOT program management
  • Online paperless POCT drug testing – You can use ANY device from anywhere!
  • 24/7 service from industry professionals that are located in the U.S. and available whenever you need
  • Over 4,000 clinics are in our national network and it’s growing everyday
  • We get you results immediately. Our platform is updated in real time and we give you and the client a preliminary result by text and/or email as soon as the POCT test is complete
  • With custom branding, you don’t need to worry about something that doesn’t match your company. You can make Screening Source look like you!
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