3 Things Your Business Ought to Know About Weed Day

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3 Things Your Business Ought to Know About Weed Day- 20 Apr

420, 4/20, 4:20, four twenty – it’s the day and time when crowds of herb enthusiasts rivaling the population of Portland are expected to descend on cannabis rallies around the country. Below are answers to a few common questions about America’s most abused illicit substance.


Can I drug test for marijuana if it’s legal to consume where I live?

The short answer is yes – but it could get more convoluted in the future. Forbes discusses several perplexing legal issues you will want to be aware of as you enforce your zero tolerance policies in legal marijuana states.

Total Reporting ensures your testing program is compliant with your state’s laws and we are here to assist you as similar legislation passes in additional states.


What behaviors should I be alert to when 4/20 devotees return to work on 4/21?

LifeHacker published an article, complete with informative video, explaining what happens to the brain after consuming marijuana. This should help you identify trippy behaviors worthy of a reasonable suspicion drug test, especially if other employees and customers are endangered or annoyed.


I know that 420 is another name for marijuana, but what’s its origin?

Please ‘reefer’ to this insightful article for a brief historical explanation. Now you know.


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