Background Checks Screen Out Bad Candidates

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Background Checks Screen Out Bad Candidates- 24 Feb

Ever wonder why background checks are important? What if you could weed out a potential employee who recently cost another business over 2200 LOST HOURS? A recent case in California involves an employee, the DMV, and over $40,000 in lost wages.

This particular employee had a nasty habit of sleeping at their desk. One may forgive a small nap of five minutes or so, but not three to four hours a day. EVERY DAY…FOR THREE YEARS!!! Of course, things at the DMV tend to take time, so it’s only natural this case took THREE YEARS before anyone thought it may be a problem! While a background check might not show this type of behavior, it would raise the question of how and why an applicant could be fired from the DMV.

Thankfully, Total Reporting has your back throughout the entire screening process (platform-process-data-reporting-disclosures) and across all states and jurisdictions.  So, if you find yourself questioning whether background checks are “worth it,” ask yourself if your business can afford over $40,000 in losses from a poor employee.

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