Ban the Box?

Ban the Box

Ban the Box?- 28 Oct


Proper employment screening is the most effective way for companies to reduce their overall risk and liability. Background checks help ensure a quality hiring decision and save your company time and money.


The background check industry is facing significant challenges. Legislation, known as ban-the-box laws, prohibits employers from asking criminal history questions during the hiring process. These laws are intended to provide applicants with a fair chance at employment by delaying background checks until further along in the hiring process. Ban-the-box policies have been enacted in 36 states and over 150 cities.


HR managers are faced with finding the balance between being liable for negligent hiring and giving applicants with a criminal history a fair chance to be evaluated. Thorough background checks can uncover all the information necessary for employers to make the right decisions in hiring. Being able to access the full records of a potential employee makes the hiring decision much simpler, with the integrity and safety of the company and its current employees being kept secure. It’s understandable to want to give the ability to individuals with checkered histories the chance to return to the workforce without being labeled. However, in certain roles, it’s also imperative the applicant be forthcoming with any hidden records that may impact the role itself.


Staying within compliance is an ever-growing challenge unto itself in this evolving time, and the team at Total Reporting is here to make it an easier road to navigate. Let us help you through the entire hiring process, and take you through any testing and reporting that may be required after the hiring work is done.


Total Reporting’s customizable screening services offer:

  • Identity verification
  • Criminal record checks
  • Driving records checks
  • Reference checks
  • National database


Let Total Reporting help you keep external threats from becoming internal threats. We are here to make sure you stay in compliance with all new rules and regulations.

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