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EQ vs IQ- 25 Jul

Along with navigating the gritty world of drug tests and background checks, Human Resources requires many important soft skills for interacting with employees and recruits. Studies have shown that people with high Emotional Intelligence have greater mental health, better job performance, and more leadership potential than those with only a high IQ.  We’ve included an article explaining the benefits of increasing your own emotional intelligence as well as hiring people who have it.  Also, we’ve included a quiz to help you determine your ability to perceive others’ emotions.  Enjoy!

Consider cosmetics giant L’Oreal, who has started to factor emotional intelligence in their hiring process for salespeople. Those who were recruited for their high EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) outsold their peers by over $90,000. On top of that, the high-EQ employees had 63% less turnover than the typically selected sales folk. As this and other studies show, emotional intelligence predicts success for people and the companies they work for.

An article published in Fast Company discusses where to find workers with high emotional intelligence.

As a way to determine your own ability to perceive others’ emotions you can take this quiz.  Even though it is a little long, we think it’s worth checking out if you have the time.

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