Workplace Injuries On The Rise

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Workplace Injuries On The Rise- 30 Nov

Workplace injuries can cause major issues for employers. The ability to conduct business safely within the workplace is vital for a company to succeed. With that said, every year, there are over four million injuries within the workplace. These range from minor cuts to fatalities.

Workplace Injuries are Climbing

Manufacturing, construction, and transportation sectors tend to have higher rates of injury than most due to the industries’ nature. As a result of accidents happening at work, the employee and the employer face challenging times ahead.

The loss of salary, time, and increased healthcare expenses all contribute to the stress and worry of dealing with injuries. While several things can cause workplace accidents, drug and alcohol usage is a rising factor in on the job accidents.

Positive Tests on the Rise

An analysis from the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index shows a significant increase in positive tests over the last five years. The number of people working under the influence of drugs and alcohol is on the rise as well. The safety-sensitive workforce is experiencing the highest levels of post-accident positivity rates as measured by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Drug Testing Programs

Drug testing programs can help an employer’s lower workplace accidents and injuries. Pre-employment drug testing is a great way to keep potential users from even applying for the job. Focusing on workplace safety initiatives within your company should include a drug testing policy. It will show prospective employees that you care about the health and well-being of all the employees.

There are several positive reasons to implement a testing program. The most important reason is the safety of your employees.  A safe workforce is a productive one.

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