Who is working at your haunted houses?

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Who is working at your haunted houses?- 27 Oct

Haunted houses are one of the most highly anticipated parts of the Halloween season.

Parents and kids alike get excited for their chance to have a real authentic scare experience. However, worrying about you or your children’s safety should not be something you need to have on your mind.

After a convicted sex offender from Oregon was found working at a haunted house in Boise, Idaho– KATU, a local Portland news station decided to investigate how many popular haunted houses in the Portland area went about their hiring process.

Out of the five haunted houses interviewed– 13th door, Frighttown, Haunted Ghost Town, Milburn’s Haunted Manor and SCREAM– only one haunted house said they did regular background checks for volunteers/employees.

SCREAM had just begun doing background checks three years ago after a police officer had alerted them that a registered sex offender was volunteering at their establishment.

They took the right course of action by deciding to go through their volunteers more carefully, keeping Portland residents safe.

Other haunted houses questioned by KATU said that they would be considering putting into place a more detailed volunteer sign-up process.

What can you do?

  • Call ahead to find out about your local haunted house’s hiring process
  • Ask about general rules within the haunted house: if employees are able to touch you or separate you from your group
  • Stay close to your group at all times
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