#CrazyCoworkers: “He drank the whole ketchup cup…”

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#CrazyCoworkers: “He drank the whole ketchup cup…”- 07 Apr

Here are some #CrazyCoworker stories to add a little more fun and laughter to your week.

Be sure to submit your own #CrazyCoworker stories of funny or outrageous things you’ve seen your coworkers do in the comments so we can feature them on our page!!


“There was a new kid at my work, 14 years old. We’re (technically) not allowed to eat while working (it’s fast food), but this guy had some fries he was eating in the back. He decided he wanted to dip the fries in ketchup, and went to the front to pump some ketchup into a container. Our boss saw him doing this and said “what are you doing with that ketchup?” To which he responded: “uh…”

Then he drank the whole ketchup cup.”

Stanky Call

“I worked at a call center. Had that one guy who decided to come in without bathing.

Problem is this continued for about 3 years. Not joking. It was the most rank smell ever. Was spoken to by management, but never did anything to change it. I actually went home sick one day when I had to sit beside him.”

Parking Payback

“I guess I’m the horrible co-worker… (or maybe she is too?)

I used to work the night shift and there were parking spots reserved for us. Without fail, this one girl on the morning shift would park in the spots reserved for us.

I got fed up one day and parked my car behind hers, blocking her in. When management complained and asked me to move my car I said “Sure, I’m on the night shift and she’s in a night shift parking spot. If she’s actually on the night shift she won’t be bothered leaving her car there until 2 AM like the rest of us. I’ll be happy to move my car at 2 AM when my shift is over just like everyone else on the night shift.”

They demanded I move my car, so I did. 6 inches.

In the end she was stuck there with us until the end of the night shift and she never parked in night shift parking again.”

Stories found on Reddit and edited for length and clarity.


What kinds of things have you seen your #CrazyCoworkers do this week??


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