NAPBS Survey Reveals Why 95 Percent of Employers Background Check Employees

2018 NAPBS Survey Shows 95 Percent of Employers Background Check Employees

NAPBS Survey Reveals Why 95 Percent of Employers Background Check Employees- 16 Jul

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) recently released the results of their annual background screening survey for 2018. Surveying over 2,000 Human Resource professionals, NAPBS aimed to gauge current views and trends within the background screening industry.

Their executive summary stated, “In an increasingly global economy, employers are rightfully placing a premium on the safety of employees and the community. Employers continue to utilize professional background checks at a near universal rate.”

Results from their survey showed that 95 percent of employers perform one or more types of employment background screening. The majority also stated that they screen both part-time and full-time employees, with 86 percent saying they screen all full-time employees and 68 percent including part-time employees in their screening process.

The five most important reasons to background screen according to this year’s survey included:

  • Public safety, including protection of “employees, customers, and others”: listed by 86 percent of employers
  • Improving quality of hires was listed by 52 percent
  • Law/regulation requirements: 39 percent
  • Protecting company reputation: 38 percent
  • Prevent and/or reduce theft, embezzlement and other criminal activity: 36 percent


Human resource professionals confirmed again in this year’s survey that accuracy in background screening is “very important” (98 percent). The most significant challenges in employment screening also echoed last year’s survey results with “length of time to get results” and “cost of screening” being listed as the biggest challenges for professionals in regards to screening.

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