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Data Purging Reminder- 24 Mar

Dear Clients,

This is a reminder that Total Reporting can host your reporting data for a maximum of 5 years. After that time frame, all data must be deleted from our system.

This includes:

-All information within our software and websites, this means that this information will no longer be searchable, or available in management reports, etc.
-In the external archive if you’re exporting files (please make sure you’ve downloaded your files and saved them somewhere else or delivered them to your clients before this time!)
-From the Report Data Connector (you can save your own copy of this data if desired though)
-And anywhere else you may currently access your data through our systems.

We also automatically archive reports after 90 days. This means that no additional products can be added after 90 days. However, a complete purge does not happen until 5 years (or shorter, if you prefer).

Why do we purge data?

  1. Protection from larger class action lawsuits and fishing expeditions
  2. Protection from data breaches (they can’t steal what isn’t there)
  3. Improved system and site performance


Report data is deleted 5 years after the report’s completion data. This includes everything that is housed and accessible within our system, including:
-Applicant information
-Product and searches ordered
-Client & CRA invoices, etc.

If one or more of your clients needs to keep their data for longer than 5 years, you need to inform us so that we can set-up a request on the back end.

If you have any further questions about data purging, please feel free to reach out to our Backgrounds Team at

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