Indiana Bill Could Expand Daycare Background Check Requirements

Indiana Bill Could Expand Daycare Background Check Requirments - Total Reporting Background Checks and Drug Testing Blog - Get Started Today

Indiana Bill Could Expand Daycare Background Check Requirements- 13 Feb

House Bill 1246 was just unanimously passed through the Indiana House of Representatives. If the bill is signed into law, it would require all workers at licensed daycares to undergo criminal background checks.

Currently, only those who have direct contact with children are required to undergo a criminal background check. A fact that has shocked and upset many parents who are just now hearing about the bill.

Indiana News quoted one mother, Sarah Bowles, who said, “I actually did not know that was not already the requirement. That is shocking and scary… Just knowing what goes on in those facilities and the turnover is way higher than I think most people realize.”

Indiana’s state representative said that this legislation would help eliminate a loophole that currently exists among daycares. Those who work in such proximity of the adolescents shouldn’t be able to simply bypass this important background check.

A Senate committee is scheduled to take up this bill next week. If it passes, the bill will go into effect on July 1st.

Criminal background checks are a great way to help ensure the safety and protection of your employees and anyone who they might work with. If you aren’t currently performing criminal background checks, you could be putting your organization’s reputation and your employees’ safety at risk.

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