New Online DOT Verifications SPHRR Platform

DOT Employment Verifications - All Now Online - SPHRR Platform for Department of Tranportation - Paperless and Easy - Total Reporting Background Checks, Drug Testing, DOT Managment

New Online DOT Verifications SPHRR Platform- 30 Jun

Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean you should use it now.


DOT Employment Verifications Now Online - Paperless
DOT Employment Verifications are stuck in 1995. Check out Total Reporting’s new SPHRR (verification) platform and see how you can save a TON of time and hassle.
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You are going to LOVE it. No more babysitting applicant information, no more paper, and no more faxing! Our mobile-friendly platform allows applicants to input previous employer history and required information in the most efficient and compliant possible. This helps you offload the pain and onboard new drivers faster than ever.
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Free setup, free consultation, you are only charged for the verifications ordered.
Get in touch with our sales department to see a live demo or get started yourself!
Sales Department: or 801-987-9485
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