Oregon Legalizes Most Drugs

Oregon Legalizes Most Drugs- 09 Dec

Oregon voters passed measure 110 that takes a different approach to the enforcement of elicit, harder drug possession. Heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and more are now allowed in non-commercial amounts. The fines for these drugs will be punishable by either a fine of up to $100.00 or the option of completing a health assessment for drug addiction.

Addiction recovery centers are also going to be set up for free, using tax revenues from marijuana sales as funding.

Drug policies were changed in New Jersey and Arizona to allow the legalization of recreational marijuana. Mississippi voted to allow the use of medical marijuana. There was also a major change in Washington, D.C., where a measure was passed decriminalizing the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

There are definite concerns within the drug testing industry about how these changes are going to impact the ability to continue workplace drug testing. Continuing drug testing is imperative, though the idea of just testing for marijuana and/or alcohol is becoming outdated. Continue testing for them, but going forward, a full panel of drugs may be a more effective manner of testing.

While each state is creating its own rules and regulations regarding drug testing and collection processes, one thing is still going to be vital. Companies are still going to be liable for safety-sensitive positions that may cause accidents. Testing within these groups is ultimately going to keep both employees and the public safer.

As more states legalize and lessen restrictions on drugs, the testing industry is going to go through changes. We’re here to help you navigate these regulations and keep you up to date on any changes coming your way.


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