Random Testing: Who, What, And Why

Random Testing: Who, What, And Why - The most effective deterrent for employee drug use in the workplace, DOT, drug free workplace, Total Reporting employment screening and drug testing

Random Testing: Who, What, And Why- 24 Apr

What is random testing?

Random testing is unannounced drug testing that should be performed at reasonable intervals throughout the year. It is one of many different types of workplace drug testing that can be performed to help enforce a safe work environment and drug-free workplace.

Who is selected for testing?

Using a random selection process, a pre-set number of individuals are selected from a pre-determined pool of employees to be drug tested. All employees in the testing pool have an equal probability of being selected to ensure true random selection.

Because the drug tests are unannounced, drug-testing employees do not have the opportunity to either become clean or purchase products in hopes of adulterating their drug tests.

Why should I perform random testing?

Random drug testing is considered to be the most effective deterrent for employee workplace drug use.

While random testing can help you “catch” employees that are using drugs, it really is most effective at helping deter drug use altogether and keep your workplace drug-free.

Random testing is an extremely valuable tool, particularly in safety-sensitive industries, that can help prevent costly mistakes and/or accidents that would have otherwise occurred had employees not been deterred from abusing drugs.

Looking to start implementing random testing at your workplace?

Contact our Drug Testing Team to get started (drugtesting@totalreporting.com).

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