They did WHAT?? Crazy Holiday Party Behavior

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They did WHAT?? Crazy Holiday Party Behavior- 11 Dec

CNBC found a report of some of the most outrageous things #crazycoworkers have done at holiday parties. You won’t believe #10! This list might make you feel a little better about what you or your date did at your holiday party this year… or make you rethink the date you were planning on bringing:

“An employee threw his coworker in a lagoon!”

“A person rode naked on a ferris wheel.”

“An employee dressed up as a wrestler.”

“All the bosses wore boxer briefs.”

“An employee brought a cocker spaniel — and the dog relieved himself by the refreshments.”

“One coworker came to a Christmas party with a bag of Tupperware so she could pack up all the leftovers.”

“A person left an event wearing someone else’s shoes.”

“An employee shattered a glass table.”

“An employee broke his leg climbing a wall.”

“My coworkers were competing on the dance floor to see who could do the best moves. It turned into a fight and they both were let go for inappropriate behavior.”

Do you have a story that’s more or equally as crazy?? Share it in the comments below!

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