Why Having a Credible Screening Provider Matters

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Why Having a Credible Screening Provider Matters- 27 Jan

Have you ever thought about the credibility of your screening provider? Maybe it’s time you should start. The consequences of providing incorrect or misleading information can end up in lawsuits and huge fines. How could this affect your business?

A California-based background screening company has recently learned this the hard way. The firm has found itself on the hook for providing inaccurate background information. The company received background records from a third-party vendor and didn’t take steps to confirm their accuracy. How would something like this affect your business? Could you recover if you are faced with fines running into the millions of dollars?

The need for background and drug screening is higher than ever. Employers need to provide a safe workplace, and screenings help with that.

Choosing your background screening provider should involve more than a quick glance at Google. There are companies out there that don’t see anything wrong with cutting corners. When working with compliance issues, there is no corner-cutting. Total Reporting provides thoroughly researched and vetted reports that are relevant, up to date, and most importantly, credible. Our platform will give you accurate, easily navigable reports to ensure you stay within compliance.

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