Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness: Increase in alcohol sales - alcohol testing and policy at the workplace - Total Reporting

Alcohol Awareness- 28 May

During today’s unprecedented times, we are all dealing with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and concern for loved ones. Millions of Americans have lost employment through this health and economic crisis. And we are all figuring out how to cope with this time of isolation and economic downturn.

According to Nielsen (a market research firm), U.S. alcohol sales rose 55% the week of March 21st and online sales rose a staggering 243%. While the increased sales may be attributed to ‘stocking up’ prior to the shelter in place orders, it is also likely that alcohol use has increased during the pandemic.

While most use alcohol to relax, have fun, or cap off a tough day, it’s also important to be aware of those that struggle with alcohol substance abuse.

Quest Diagnostics, one of our lab partners, shared more detailed information on the potential for trauma to trigger substance abuse in an article here—not just with alcohol, but all kinds of substances.

We join with them following their alcohol awareness month to make sure that we are all staying safe and aware during these more difficult times. Especially as many prepare to go back to work, please make sure that your workplace policies are clearly outlined in order to safely restart business and stay proactive.

Clearly set alcohol guidelines are especially important for those employees working in safety-sensitive positions. We highly recommend looking into different alcohol testing options for those positions if you do not already have something in place. Employers can also help provide support though different Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to aid employees who may be struggling.

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