COVID-19 Impact On Drug Testing

COVID-19 Impact On Drug Testing

COVID-19 Impact On Drug Testing- 19 Mar

Dear Clients,

Quest and LabCorp have been named as two of the commercial labs that will be testing for COVID-19. The CDC has stated that testing must be done at state and local Public Health Laboratories or physician’s offices or hospitals. This naturally got our attention because we were unaware of how that would impact toxicology drug testing collections and analysis. Quest has since reached out to inform us that their Patient Service Centers (PSCs) will not be collecting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) samples at their locations. Quest will be one of the labs that will process and analyze the COVID-19 specimens, but they assured us that those will be tested in a closed and locked down facility operationally separate from drug testing. Thankfully this process should minimize any potential turnaround time or logistic issues.

So far, the only disruption experienced has been with FedEx running a little behind on package delivery to the labs. We are watching this closely as there have been reports of samples taking multiple days to be delivered. We continue to monitor the situation and will keep all clients up to speed on any changes.

Regarding clinics and collection sites, some have reduced operating hours but we have not heard of any full closures. If you or your employees encounter a closed clinic, please contact us immediately and we will find you an alternate testing site.

We are here for you. We’ve always worked hard to provide personalized and thoughtful service, and that we’ll do everything possible to minimize the disruption to your drug testing program. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and we appreciate your patience as we all navigate this new challenge.

Thank you,

The Total Reporting Team

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