Employers Speak Up About Illicit Opioid Use At Work

Employers Speak Up About Illicit Opioid Use At Work

Employers Speak Up About Illicit Opioid Use At Work- 18 Jul

The National Safety Council (NSC) recently commissioned the National Employer Survey to poll more than 500 U.S. employers to find out more about opioid use at the workplace.

We thought that these statistics might be useful to consider as you strive to make or update your own workplace drug policies.

This NSC survey was taken by over 500 individuals that make decisions about workplace drug and alcohol programs for their companies. While 86% of the respondents agreed that opioids (even while taken as prescribed) impact job performance, only half (50%) of respondents felt confident about their company’s substance abuse policies and procedures.

Some other interesting statistics from the survey included:

-75% of employers have been directly affected by opioid use -79% of employers are not very confident that individual employees can spot warning signs of opioid misuse -One-third of employers have experienced an overdose, arrest, or injury/near-miss -38% of employers have experienced absenteeism or impaired worker performance –Despite widespread impact, only 17% of employers feel extremely well prepared to deal with this issue

Nick Smith, interim president and CEO of NSC said, “The opioid crisis is truly encompassing nearly every aspect of American lives. Today’s survey confirms that the No. 1 cause of preventable death is not just taking its toll on our home lives but companies across the country are also grappling with the impact of this epidemic.”

If you have questions about reasonable suspicion training or how you can help get your supervisors trained to handle drug and alcohol abuse within the workplace, please contact us! We’ll help you get it figured out. All Total Reporting clients have access to our FREE reasonable suspicion training materials.

You can contact our drug testing department at drugtesting@totalreporting.com. Please feel free to take a look at NSC’s drug use guide as well here.

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