Pizza Hut Driver Gets Hysterical, Ends In Arrest

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Pizza Hut Driver Gets Hysterical, Ends In Arrest- 18 Jan

I was working at Pizza Hut and one day our manager asked one of our drivers to put on his uniform shirt.

The guy flips out and tries to set his shirt on fire in the middle of the Pizza Hut lobby while screaming about oppression.

Then he takes off the shirt and for some reason drives all the way to the airport. He jumps the fence leading to the tarmac at the airport and ends up getting roughly arrested by the airport cops.

We never saw him again.

Turns out he had drank a bunch of Robitussin.

(Story originally shared on Reddit) 

We’ve all had a crazy co-worker or two, although maybe not always to quite this extent. What are some #crazycoworker stories of your own? Or some that you’ve heard from friends??

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