REMINDER: 613 Letters to begin next month!

REMINDEr: 613 Letters to begin next month! New FCRA Compliant Best Practices for Employment Background Check Screening - Total Reporting Blog

REMINDER: 613 Letters to begin next month!- 09 Dec

Total Reporting Clients,

We wanted to remind you that beginning in January your background check applicants will start receiving 613 Letters.

The basic premise of this is that we will notify applicants when any matter of public record is found on a background check that may affect their hiring or promotion. This new practice will have little to no impact on you as an employer.

This is deemed a “best practice” policy that will help you as a client stay on the right side of any employee/applicant challenge or complaint as it pertains to background checks.

One adjustment that will need to be made with this new policy is making sure a space is added to ask for email addresses from all applicants/employees for background checks beginning on January 1st 2020. This will allow Total Reporting to manage the reporting and compliance aspect of the 613 Letter.

A new authorization form with an added email address field is available in our system under the HELP tab. You should be able to download the new form there.

If you have any questions regarding this letter, please feel free to reach out to our backgrounds team at

Thank you,

The Total Reporting Team

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